SiLiBeads® Type M

Polished glass beads made of soda-lime glass as closure beads, mixing and stirring beads in aerosol sprays, filter beads in drinking water wells
Type M glass beads are produced from the high-purity glass melt by a rotary pressing processing. The process is extremely complex, but allows beads with very high roundness in the size range up to approx. 25 mm.

Stirring Beads – Mixing Beads.
SiLibeads glass beads Type M are used in the sizes 1.5 mm – 16.0 mm as stirring beads and mixing beads for aerosol spray. The glass beads ensure homogeneous mixing of the ingredients.

Valve Beads
Glass beads are used as valve beads in bottle caps to prevent “adulteration” and contamination of high-quality bottle contents such as spirits or olive oil. This guarantees the purity content of the bottle.

Mechanical coating
SiLibeads Type M are also used for the mechanical coating of small metallic parts by a special plating process (mechanical plating).

Grinding Beads – Dispersing Beads
Due to their high degree of purity, the glass beads also have very good properties as grinding and dispersing beads for wet grinding of pigments, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations.

Support Material and Filter Pack in Water Wells
Furthermore, the glass spheres are used as support and filter material in the construction of drinking water wells. The glass beads replace the filter gravel. The filter gravel can also be replaced by filter glass beads in filter systems, e.g. in swimming pool construction.

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    A 150 years old Company with each production batch undergoing strict Product Quality checks (diameter, sphericity, corrosion behaviour, internal structure and specific weight).

    SiLi also deal intensely with wet grinding technology, being constantly in contact with all the world’s leading mill manufacturers. The wear and tear rate of our micro-bead grinding media is among the best in the industry.



    ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    Protocols conforms with DIN ISO 15378 for pharmaceuticals Glass beads are conform to EC regulation 1935/2004/EC